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Our applications and platforms offer users a chance to expand their global and local footprints, increase revenue opportunities, and cater to both individuals and businesses. Shoclef and our family of applications aim to offer solutions to the fundamental problems of transparency, access, and an increased reliance on a collaborative, digital economy.

Our namesake, Shoclef, has been focused on the intersection of mobile/eCommerce, global access, and cutting edge technologies. Shoclef’s original concept stated around 4 years ago, when the founder envisioned transforming the traditional brick-and-mortar retail shopping into an interconnected, global marketplace through live-streaming capabilities.

Since 2017, Shoclef Corporation Limited and its subsidiaries established offices in 8 different locations. We are rapidly expanding with plans underway to open 20 new offices in various locations within the next 6 months. Shoclef has continued to grow with a challenging and pioneering spirit based on the company’s business philosophy: “To unite great minds to innovate technology, products, and services that are accessible to people around the world”.


We strongly believe that each of our products has the potential to meaningfully impact our consumers’ every day lives. We are driven by the values of global connectivity, transactional transparency, and increased economic opportunities for all communities.

Represented by team members from five continents, we are focused on a global perspective that embraces diversity, cultural accuracy, and increased opportunities for user communities. We strive to provide a quality experience for our customers in all areas- technical execution, marketing, and transaction satisfaction.


Our culture and values ultimately reflect the great work done by great talents. We believe our results should speak for itself and in turn, we reward these experts that made it happen.At our core, we share the same dedication to make sure we get things done in the most effective and accurate way.

We share these common values and characteristics:

  1. Open and honest communication
  2. Commitment to accuracy
  3. Maximize efficiency
  4. Ability to think independently to solve problems
  5. Working with a strong team!


Our Leadership Principles, consisting of ‘Management Philosophy, Core Values, and Management Principles’, is rooted in its management ideology, which serves as guidance for our employees to make ethical and responsible business decisions.

Management Philosophy:
"To unite great minds to innovate technology, products, and services that are accessible to people around the world".

Core Values:
Innovation, People, Excellence, Accessibility, Integrity

Management Principles:
Global connectivity, Transactional transparency, Increased economic opportunities for all communities


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Create a scalable product by using best-practices, proper documentation, sustainable architecture, and  up-to-date technology stacks
Shoclef is a live streaming platform that allows you to shop in a global marketplace, all from the comfort of your home. Shoclef offers the best of online and real-time personal shopping. The app enables users to earn money, sell goods and services, and buy millions of products across the world in real-time, without even stepping out of their homes or offices. The app connects buyers, sellers, and service providers across the globe, creating a virtual marketplace and social network. Read More
Changing How the World Sees Things Live
Shop Worldwide
Shop millions of products from different cities within minutes – from London, Paris, Mumbai to Los Angeles.
Chat & Buy
Loved a product? See what others are saying in the chatroom or directly chat with the seller before making a purchase.
Live Experiences
Tailor your livestream experience to fit your needs and interests, with a focus on making shopping fun again!
Live Shopping
Experience the joy of shopping from the convenience of your home. Easily swipe to browse hundreds of livestreams filled with your favorite products.
Offices Around the World
Global Offices

Currently employing nearly 400 people around the world, we have existing offices in United States, China, Hong Kong, India, Ukraine, Panama, and Netherlands. We are proud to announce the rapid expansion of our business with the planned addition of 21 worldwide offices and subsidiaries. We feel that with the new office locations, we can support our rapidly growing operations and extend our offerings in all the key regions, especially Asia Pacific and Europe.

Office Locations
San Francisco Office
33 Clementina St Ste 4 San Francisco, CA 94105
1st Floor Kailash Industrial Estate Vikhroli West, Mumbai,India
Hong Kong
Unit 1411, 14/Floor, Cosco Tower,183 Queen's Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
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